I want to help

Note! The charity project "Help" does not collect cash to the needy and does not work on bank accounts and details. The members of our project make a voluntary choice of the form, time and place of assistance. Our mission is to provide reliable communication between those who want to help and people who are in need.

If you want to help someone in our project, please follow the steps below:

Select a person or a family who you want to help. It can be participants in the list of the section "I am looking for help" or your friends, neighbors or just people around you.
Make a video of your help on a mobile phone or other device. It's not obligatory to use a professional equipment for your report.
Make your video installation, refer to the instructions in the video tutorial. The size of your video must meet the requirements specified in the instructions.
Send us the result. Within seven days your video will appear in the relevant section on the website of the charity project "Help".
Congratulations! You have become a part of our team and the first step on the way to the global improvement of the life of the people around them is done. Continue to do good deeds!