"Help" project team consists of young and enterprising people who do care. We are concerned that in the world there is a huge number of people that are in need of help, even if it is a small need. That is why we decided to create a charity project, the aim of which will be not commerce, but improving the world. Mahatma Gandhi said: "In order to change the world around, you have to change yourself." So why not to start helping those who really need it?

Concerned members of the project "Help" are joining forces to help people who, for whatever reasons, are not able to take care of themselves. This is primarily the elderly people and children from large and dysfunctional families. Many of them are missing quite a bit to feel better.

The aim of our charity is to do everything to make the world healthier and more prosperous, and therefore the participant can be anyone, regardless of financial status or national origin, the main thing is the desire to help others.

Become a part of the world where people care about each other, together with us!




Video tutorial for installation of a clip






Cutting of the clip


Share your video

At this stage we recommend you to familiarize with the project activities "Help". If you are still determined to become a volunteer and help those who are in need, then we invite you to the second stage!
Once you have reviewed the information that is available on our website, you will be offered a training video that will tell in detail about the rules of mounting clips for our website.
Now your task is to find someone who needs your help. There are no limitations, all depends on you.
As you will assist, make the report-chronicle. It's not obligatory to use the professional equipment, the main thing is the desire to help that comes from the heart.
Remember that the size of the video about your help should match the requirements specified in the training video. Do not forget that the video should be titled and needs a short description which tells the story of who you choose to help.
When your clip is completely ready, you can upload it to our website with the help of this link. After the video will be reviewed by our team, we will publish it, and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!